Grade 2 Online Learning

Grade 2 Online Curriculum


In second-grade math, asynchronous learning is conducted through teacher-led instructional videos and pictures posted in Google Classroom along with daily assignments. Implementing TERC Investigations® at the core of our math program, students continue to focus on three major areas of mathematical study: numbers, data, and space. Students partake in a combination of online work through the Pearson Realize™ platform and student workbooks. Students submit completed work through the Google Classroom for review and feedback.


Utilizing the Wilson Language Fundations® program, second-grade students are continuing to build upon their phonemic awareness, phonics skills, and encoding skills. Using asynchronous instruction with videos and posts to deliver lessons in the Google Classroom, students continue to work on developing sight-word vocabulary, writing mechanics, and a literature-based focus on language. Remote assignments include independent reading, submitting weekly reading logs, and an online book chat with teacher-provided prompts. Student work includes using Google Draw to create graphic organizers, writing about fantasy, opinion, or animals, and reviewing edits and feedback in Google Docs.

Social Studies

Second-graders began their online social studies curriculum learning about worker’s rights and labor unions using Newsies and Mill Girls for context. Watching videos posted in Google Classroom, investigating photographs collected in Google Slides, and accessing a “Choose Your Own Adventure” virtual visit of Lowell Mills, students engaged in a variety of a/synchronous learning opportunities. The unit concluded with a project using Google Drawings for students to document how Newsies and Mill Girls were similar and different.


Students then began exploring the African continent through videos from various sources including teacher read-alouds, online resources, and written materials posted in the Google Classroom. Initially sharing what they thought they knew about Africa, students then delved into the continent’s geography, culture, history, and arts.


The second-grade tradition of designing t-shirts and raising proceeds for a cause also continued remotely! In conversations and polls conducted in Google Meet and Google Classroom, students determined that they wanted proceeds from their t-shirt sales to go to helping the environment and animals. Students designed posters and submitted images via Google Classroom to help with marketing and advertising.


Using Google Classroom, students view instructional videos and access posted assignments in addition to attending drop-in art classes via Zoom. Students were mailed art materials to ensure that project completion was equitable. Remote projects have included collage, drawing, and watercolor painting, with some assignments referencing conceptual art by Sol LeWitt or abstract art by Alma Woodsey Thomas. Students also share their personal projects in discussion threads in Google Classroom to further inspire creativity and build each other’s confidence.


Students also collaborated with the visual art teacher over Zoom on the t-shirt design for their social studies curriculum. Representing their commitment to protecting the environment, each student drew and submitted a living thing that they want to help – from endangered animals, to trees, to the world’s oceans.

Physical Education

Students have been accessing age-appropriate exercise videos and suggested activities via Google Classroom. Online learning provided students with resources to promote independence, remain active, and maintain overall health and wellness during this challenging transition. Gross motor activities, dance, fitness routines, agility activities, yoga, mindful breathing exercises, dance, backyard games, jump rope, shadow boxing, and wellness videos encouraged students to think creatively about movement and wellness options during this time. Students were also excited about sharing the many ways they continue to remain active both independently and with their families on the Google Stream. 


In Google Classroom, students explore music technology with posted assignments utilizing Chrome Music Lab. They also access audio files of song tales to encourage listening and continue introducing students to instruments. Expressive movement is taught through videos posted and instructions for students to listen and then move along. Performances such as Circle Round with the Boston Symphony Orchestra are also shared for students to listen and reflect.