Mission and Educational Philosophy

It is the mission of Cambridge Friends School to provide an outstanding education. Guided by Quaker Principles, we engage students in meaningful academic learning within a caring community strongly committed to social justice. We expect all students to develop their intellectual, physical, creative, and spiritual potential and, through the example of their lives, to challenge oppression and to contribute to justice and understanding in the world.

A Cambridge Friends School Education:

is rooted in academic excellence

Quakers believe that we should constantly seek truth. At Cambridge Friends School, this translates to an incredible robust academic experience. Students are taught to think critically, to question the world around them, and to dive deeply into topics of interest. The result is students with not only a breadth and depth of knowledge, but also the skills to research, write, and communicate that knowledge. 

sees the light in each and every student

Quakers also believe that every person holds a light inside them and each person provides something of value to the community. At Cambridge Friends School, this means that each student is celebrated for their individual identity, and each person is respected for who they are and where they have come from. 

is centered in antibias work

Cambridge Friends School is committed to being an antiracist community—that is, to be a community that more actively challenges racism. This goal, which contributes to academic excellence, encourages students to work for social and racial justice and sets the standard of equality for all students.


The school is committed to appreciating and celebrating the lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ+) people, while educating children about the serious problems posed by homophobia and heterosexism. We work to create an environment that opposes LGBTQ+ bias and encourages all members of our community to be themselves openly, comfortably, and in full equity. We also work to educate heterosexual people about the importance of being an ally in this area.

is grounded in thoughtful pedagogy

Cambridge Friends School is intentional about not only what we teach, but the way in which we teach it. Drawing on educational best practices and backed by research, our curriculum is purposefully designed to meet the academic, social/emotional, and developmental needs of each child. From the words we use when helping students mediate social conflict, to the posters on the walls, to the hands-on projects that accompany each new idea or unit, the ways in which we teach are just as important as the lessons themselves.