Cultivating Critical thinkers.
Inspiring Compassionate Leaders.

Greetings from CFS!

Dear Friends,


“If you’re looking for a school that truly sees your child; that supports and guides students in the
development of the skills they will need to be thoughtful, intellectually curious, caring people; and that
believes every individual has a light that can shine brightly, then Cambridge Friends School is the place
you want to be.”


That testimonial, crafted by one of our faculty members, is a poignant introduction to this incredible
educational community. Cambridge Friends School, the only Quaker school in Massachusetts, has a fifty-
eight-year history of sending selfless, compassionate, deep-thinking learners into the world to lead by
example, empowered to advocate for themselves and others, and equipped to make intelligent
decisions. We are an institution that is inspired by the challenge of developing the unique intellectual
gifts of each child so that they can confidently navigate a complex and rapidly evolving world.


Our curriculum is a potent synthesis of experience and knowledge. Education is far more than the
acquisition of information. By engaging our students in their own learning, celebrating inquisitiveness,
and encouraging creative thinking, we guide each child as they develop profound and enduring
understanding. Our students believe in their individual creativity while also recognizing the power of
collaboration. Confidence in their intelligence and deep self-awareness allow them to listen thoughtfully
and empathetically to other points of view. The responsibility they develop for their education and their
ownership of the learning process propel our students to surpass conventional academic standards.


The Quaker tenets of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Stewardship provide
guidance as we merge meaningful academic learning with a compassionate community committed to
social justice. Our belief in the light within each child is the foundation for our faith in their inherent
worth and their potential for growth. Every student is encompassed by our powerful triple helix of
dynamic academics, effectual values, and profound compassion, which transforms them into active
participants in their own affairs and those of the world around them.


Please explore our website to learn more about who we are. Better yet, to really understand what an
outstanding educational community Cambridge Friends School is, come visit us soon!