Early Childhood Online Learning

Early Childhood utilizes Zoom and Google Classroom for classes, Morning Meeting, Meeting for Worship (both in classroom and with the entire Lower School), student check-ins, and the submission of student work for review and feedback. Teachers offer at least one synchronous block four days a week, combined with asynchronous offerings, including video recordings, assignments, and activities posted in Google Classroom. Our online learning offers age-appropriate levels of screen time, with suggested at-home activities that encourage the typical play-based learning that would happen in the classroom.


Continuing to deliver upon our differentiated curriculum, our Learning Specialists continue to provide support to students. An overarching Lower School Google Classroom also provides additional activities including building challenges, read alouds, and live sessions with our Extended Day (XD) staff for passion projects. Social-emotional lessons are also offered online with our Lower School Counselor, and large and small teacher-facilitated online gatherings help students remain connected with the CFS community.


“We have been really impressed with the swift response of the School in switching to online learning. After a couple of days of learning how to navigate accessing assignments and how to turn them in when completed, we were on a roll. The girls’ schoolwork has provided structure to our days and has given us as parents the confidence that our students are not losing academic ground. Any feedback or suggestions that we have had for teachers has been responded to immediately, and overall communication from the School has been timely and clear. We are also so glad to have the daily Zoom calls with classmates and teachers to keep our school community intact during this crazy time!”

~Anna Neuman, CFS Parent ’26 and ’28

Pre-K and K Online Curriculum


Online classes for Kindergarten students continue to utilize the TERC® Investigations in Number, Data, and Space math curriculum. Math lessons use a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning with lessons taught online in Zoom or Google Classroom either during Morning Meeting or at a separate allotted time. Activities are completed either in student workbooks or on the Pearson Realize™ online platform. Using Google Classroom, students can also access assignments including number writing, patterns and number lines, and submit work for feedback.


Using the Wilson Language Fundations® program, students continue to develop phonemic awareness, knowledge of letter/sound correspondence, practice letter formation, and sounding out words during Morning Meeting and/or a dedicated learning block. In Google Classroom, students can respond to a posted “Question of the Day,” access read-alouds, and write journal entries for review and feedback.

Social Studies

Students continue to learn about “People of Inspiration,” covering well- and lesser-known individuals who have made positive changes in the world throughout history. Posting instructions in Google Classroom that include watching YouTube videos or reading inspirational quotes and accessing web-related materials, students then complete assignments that include journal entries or drawings to remember who they learned about, like Wangari Maathaii and Mahatma Gandhi.


Some of the concepts explored in art include recognizing colors, shapes, and patterns, identifying textures, and becoming familiar with the properties of particular materials. Using a combination of online lessons and Google Classroom, students view instructional videos, access posted assignments, and create their masterpieces at home. Projects have included paper weaving, collages, and bubble prints using materials that were mailed from school or found around the home.

Physical Education

Age-appropriate activities such as dance or yoga videos are posted weekly in Google Classroom. Activities are selected to continue strengthening gross motor skills and keep students active and engaged. In the Physical Education Google Classroom, students post a number of physical activities they have completed including running, bicycling, and dancing. Online comments allow for community building and encouragement.


In Google Classroom, students explore music technology with posted assignments utilizing Chrome Music Lab. They also access audio files of song tales to encourage listening and continue introducing students to instruments. Expressive movement is taught through videos posted and instructions for students to listen and then move along. Performances such as Circle Round with the Boston Symphony Orchestra are also shared for students to listen and reflect.